HT Overseas Blog Latest Products Sat, 23 Sep 2023 00:14:09 +0530 en-us What are the Health Benefits of Consumption Variety of Rice? Sat, 07 May 2022 10:10:18 +0530 Rice is a staple food for the maximum continent and subcontinent countries worldwide. Rice is the seed of cereal grass spices useful for consumption purposes. Therefore, rice is one of the popular staple foods useful for consumption. Moreover, it is one of the essential dietary carbohydrates worldwide. Half of the global population depends directly or directly on rice consumption. Asia and African countries mainly use rice for consumption purposes. Rice is one of the most useful food crops for human nutrition. Raw rice suppliers India always try to provide the best quality rice to their buyers. Health Benefits of Consuming Rice The significant health benefits of consuming rice are as follows- 1. Rice can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Brown rice contains a more significant amount of protein and fiber than white rice. Thus one can get more energy from the consumption of brown rice. For this purpose, brown rice is also useful for maintaining blood glucose and insulin levels. White rice may increase bodyweight in many cases, but brown rice can maintain the bodyweight perfectly by reducing belly fat 2. Brown rice can protect your body from chronic diseases. Brown rice contains protective compounds named flavonoids that play an important role in protecting the body against disease. Regular consumption of brown rice can reduce the risk of heart disease. 3. White rice is an essential source of energy that can refuel your energy after heavy exercise. In addition, white rice is a great source of carbohydrates that can protect muscle glycogen after physical exercise. 4. Due to the low fibre, white rice is easy to digest. It can cure gastric upset and improve liver health. 5. Gluten-free white Rice and Brown Rice are beneficial for health because it doesn't harm your body. Different types of rice Rice is a significant part of people's diet. Due to significant health benefits, people include rice in their diet plan. But it is high time to explore a different variety of rice for different cooking preparation. 1. Brown Rice- Brown Rice is useful for health-conscious people due to its high protein content 2. Basmati Rice- Basmati rice is famous for its unique flavour 3. Jasmine Rice- Jasmine rice is famous for making exotic Asian dishes 4. Mogra Rice- This Rice is cost-effective and useful for traditional biryani recipe 5. Bamboo Rice- This Rice is made from bamboo shoots 6. Wild Rice- This rice is a good source of protein and is famous for its nutty flavour 7. Red Rice- This rice is high in anthocyanin, and it is famous in Thailand and Africa 8. Black Rice- this rice is famous in China, and it is more expensive than other rice 9. Sushi Rice- this rice is famous for making Japanese sushi dish 10. Arborio Rice- this rice is famous in Italian cooking. You can buy these types of rice from any authentic raw rice supplier India through an online portal. But always try to see some samples before buying rice from an online store. Finest Jeera rice suppliers in India Thu, 07 Jul 2022 16:15:35 +0530 In most Indian states, rice is a part of the people’s staple diet. There are various types of rice present in the market. And they are available in different price ranges. Among such various kinds, Jeera rice is one of the finest quality rice. Jeera rice is known for its great aroma and premium taste. It is easy to digest and is good for the heart as well.    Things your Jeera rice supplier should offer: • Fine quality rice: Your supplier can only supply you with the finest quality Jeera rice when the processing of the rice is done under expert supervision. Processing is all that determines how the rice is going to taste. Good processing ensures less damaged grains of rice and does not retain much moisture.    When there is expertise involved in the production, the production time also lessens, which in turn helps in the increase of production. Good production also guarantees the preservation of the nutritional value of the grains.   • Time management- While purchasing or ordering from the Jeera rice suppliers in India, you should make sure that they make no delay in their delivery. And a reliable supplier would do everything to keep his clients satisfied. Time plays a major role in any kind of business. Suppliers should never compromise on that. Good time management helps to create a better client network.   • Good communication- You should be able to communicate with your supplier for a better business. With good communication, your supplier gets to know about your requirements and expectations about his service. Your supplier should be able to accept certain requests. A business blooms only when the clients are satisfied   • Hygiene- Most of the time you can find small pebbles or stones in your rice which is a result of unhygienic and negligent production. When the hygiene factor is maintained during production and sorting, clients get pebble-free rice delivered to them. A good supplier always pays attention to all these things.    • Good seeds- The cultivation of rice which comes before production also plays a huge role. Everything from the quality of the seed to the type of fertilizer used matters.  The Jeera rice suppliers in India can only be relied on if they offer all the above-mentioned things. Indians love rice, they do not like to compromise either on the taste or the aroma. Various dishes and preparations are done where rice plays a major role.    Every rice offers a unique aroma and taste. Though Jeera rice is not as famous as Basmati rice or Jasmine rice, Indians have started opting for Jeera rice for its health benefits. It is gluten-free. Thus, people who are on a diet or are sensitive to gluten prefer Jeera rice over any other type of rice. Jeera rice is mainly used for making fried rice. Though Jeera rice has its flavor, its taste blends very well with various spices.    Rice cultivation is done in many parts of India. Jeera Mashino rice is cultivated mainly in West Bengal and Jeera Samba rice is cultivated mainly in Tamil Nadu. The warm moderate climate is perfect for rice cultivation. What Are the Different Rice Varieties That Are Available? Mon, 17 Oct 2022 10:22:20 +0530 Rice is a staple food that is prepared in practically every home. There are numerous varieties of rice available in various nations. Baskathi parboiled rice supplier grants all varieties of rice in the market, you can easily obtain a large range of raw rice in any grocery store. The several varieties of rice that you should be aware of are as follows. Raw Rice Raw rice is any rice that has not been parboiled, steamed, or otherwise prepared. Before it is processed or packed for sale and consumption, raw rice is manufactured by drying and storing paddy for several months or even years. Organic, high-protein, and high-carbohydrate components are used to make raw rice. The fact that this rice promotes general health is one of its benefits. Parboiled Rice Before being processed for consumption, rice is parboiled, or partially precooked in its edible husk. Transformed rice is another name for it. Through soaking, teaming, and drying, parboiled rice has been processed in its husk. As a result, before the husk is removed, the grain has absorbed all of its nutrients. Basmati Rice Long grain known as basmati is cultivated in Pakistan and India. The ageing process gives this intensely fragrant cultivar its strong flavor. Yes, it matures for about a year after harvest. People typically enjoy serving it with a simple carry. Brown Rice The grain length of brown rice can be small or long. The nutrient-rich bran layer has been retained despite the removal of the outer husk during milling. Brown rice that has been cooked has a flavor that is nutty and has a subtle chewiness. This grain can be substituted for white rice in any recipe that calls for it. Sushi Rice Japanese short-grain rice is the staple ingredient in sushi. Your favorite forms of sushi can be made with it because of its high starch content. You can use this rice in addition to rolls and hand rolls, much like you would plain white rice. Consider serving it with big spoonfuls of dipping sauce, alongside seafood, or as a dessert dish. Black Rice Black rice commonly referred to as "forbidden rice" or "emperor's rice," was a food that was served solely to Chinese emperors. It is rich in nutrients. This delicious medium-grain rice is a staple of Asian cooking. Try incorporating it into a sauté of mushrooms with flavorful cilantro added. Matta Rice Rice with a medium grain and a reddish hue is called matta or rosetta. Natural nutrients abound in the bran layer. This kind, which has a strong earthy flavor, begs for meaty sides like lamb, beef, etc. Rich curries and slow-cooked stews go nicely with it. Wild Rice The origins of this mysterious wooded crop, known as wild rice, can be traced to the upper Great Lakes region of the United States. Wild rice is the grass that is frequently grown in wetlands in and around lakes, rivers, and bays. Make a vegetable pilaf or a delicious side dish by combining it with almonds and dried fruits. IR 64 Parboiled Rice: A Superior Long Grain Rice Tue, 17 Jan 2023 16:45:24 +0530 A well-known Indian rice variety is IR 64 Parboiled Rice. It is the most well-known non-basmati rice that India supplies. This rice is unique and recognizable due to its texture and lengthy grain.  This rice has a high protein content, a great flavor, and a potent aroma. It is also a significant source of carbohydrates. Most of this parboiled rice is grown and milled in the Indian states of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. The long-grain rice with the highest export volume and the widest range of varieties is the IR 64 rice that is offered to consumers. This is one of the factors contributing to the rising public demand for this rice. This rice type is well-liked throughout the world due to its affordable price and excellent quality. What Procedure is Used to Prepare Parboiled Rice? IR 64 Parboiled Rice in India is made with special attention and close supervision. The paddy is first soaked in water, then it is boiled, and finally, it is dried. Following these procedures, the rice is in a ready state and can be milled.  As a consequence, you obtain rice that is partially boiled. The color of the rice also changes to milky white or yellowish-golden. To ensure that the rice grains contain natural vitamins and minerals, all necessary measures are followed. These nutrients are essential in terms of health. Nutritional Benefits of IR 64 Parboiled Rice As opposed to conventional white rice, IR 64 Parboiled Rice has higher levels of B vitamins, and parboiling inactivates the enzymes that break down rice's fat. This lessens the chance of rancidity.  Additionally, this rice has 127% more phenolic chemicals, which support gut health and protect the kidneys from unstable free radicals. Also, there is no significant effect of eating this IR 64 Parboiled Rice every day on blood sugar levels. Properties of IR 64 Parboiled Rice The primary qualities of this rice are that it has a delicious flavor, is of the finest quality, is healthful, and cooks to perfection. Also, it is packaged hygienically and reasonably priced. It is affordable for people of all socio-economic classes to purchase and eat this rice. This rice has a distinct aroma and is also used to make idli rice, another common dish in South India. According to the IR 64 Parboiled Rice specification, this rice can be used to make paniyaram, dosa, puttu, appam, and other delicacies.  The benefit of purchasing IR 64 Parboiled Rice is that it goes well with gravies, curries, and all kinds of delicacies at affordable prices.  Are you interested in buying IR 64 Parboiled Rice online for the lowest price, or simply want to learn the price of IR 64 Parboiled Rice for comparison's sake? Please get in touch with reputable IR 64 Parboiled Rice producers and distributors from all around India.  They will supply you with rice of the finest quality, with a delightful aroma, a flavor you won't soon forget, a high vitamin B content, and well-packaged while adhering to strict quality standards.